What is the most reliable debrid?

Real-Debrid, All Debrid, Premium link generator, Zevera…
We here at DebridTips continue with an ongoing search for the most reliable premium link generator, or debrid.
So far, we have reviewed 12 of some of the most established brands so we could bring you a closer look into their strengths and weaknesses.

mydebrid deepbrid alldebrid real-derbrid zevera
Just some of the debrids we reviewed for you

Most debrids (sometimes called also multi-hosters) promise the same – a single service that would allow you to download files from multiple premium hosters. They differ in the technology used, the number of hosters available, pricing, design and most importantly – reliability.

The results are surprising as only a few providers keep up with what they advertise as most debrids have problems with stability.

Some companies offer additional features such as cloud storage where you can keep and manage your downloads, mobile phone app, or a built-in multimedia player. Some also let you download torrent files, connect directly to your Smart TV, or have a VPN of their own.

Why should I use debrid and how?

Many different file hosters offer more or less the same: For a monthly fee ranging between few dollars up to the price of a Netflix subscription you get access to all files uploaded to their servers which you can download to your device afterwards. So what do debrids do?

  • Give you access to multiple hosters for one fee
  • Store your data in the cloud to be used later on
  • Extensions, add-ons, mobile apps, sync clients and other features
file host offer mydebrid
Most debrids offer 20+ hosts

The procedure is the following:
Create an account and login.
Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs (if they offer different plan sizes). Go to the Download (sometimes called Generate) tab.
Paste all the links you require to download in link generator textbox. Click on the Generate button. Download the generated links one-by-one or (if offered) use view links button to put them all in download manager and download them together.

Depending on which debrid you use, this procedure may differ a little bit. Some also offer a link extension that adds links from host servers with a single click.

How fast is it?

There is no way that a debrid downloads a file faster than if downloading from a host directly. Maximum download speed of a host equals the maximum download speed of a good debrid. The less technologically advanced services may have other limitations of their own.

Security of premium link generators

Online security is becoming more and more critical, and even though most debrids we reviewed use SSL encryption promising no one else has access to your data, we strongly recommend using a throwaway account at all times using a service of this kind.

Another chapter is VPNs. You are safer using one, but make sure that debrid that you chose is not going to flag you for misuse of your account. That is the case of Real-debrid.com that doesn’t even allow you to use their service with your VPN.

They argue that there is no need to use one as they offer one of their own but come on – everyone should be able to make as many choices considering privacy as they want in our opinion. They let you add a specific IP, but that is a painful process, and according to many complaints you can find online does not work at all times.

privacy of premium link generator
Your privacy should always come first!

All premium link generators usually state that they are not responsible for the content you download – the same as the hosts do. It is a responsibility of the end-user to make sure that they don’t use their services for any unlawful means.

All Debrid, Real-Debrid, Zevera: Detailed reviews of well-known players

We took a closer look at some of the most prominent debrids. It is clear from this comparison that more established is not necessarily better.

It is hard to compare services that differ in their general philosophy. Some are trying to stay as simple as possible; some are growing huge with the number of add-ons, cloud storage and other features offered.

That is why we chose the overall stability to be the main topic we focus our attention on. The secondary attribute is the willingness to sort out a problem, when it occurs – customer support.

The winner of our test – MyDebrid.com doesn´t offer the most options. It is that simple that it only offers one subscription plan. The reason we chose tightly chose it for the first position is that it offers a good number of hosts and the fact that it works.

MyDebrid best debrid
MyDebrid.com is a simple, fresh service that won our test because of its overall stability.

We didn’t have a single problem while using it, so this doesn’t come from our own experience, but browsing tech forums reveal great satisfaction with their customer support, so they also have your back.

There are plenty of other options for those who are searching for something more complex or maybe something with different hosts supported as various services are more prevalent in different parts of the world.

It is essential to know what kind of service you are paying for, so if there isn’t the possibility of trying a trial version, make sure to go through the full review very thoroughly and to read all the comments written by other users. We aspire to help you in the exploration of the best debrid for you not only budget-wise but a debrid that would also fulfil your needs.