AllDebrid: All but a reliable debrid

This French multi-hoster is another one that has been around for a decade or more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that it’s creators used this time to fix omnipresent bugs. That makes using this fair priced debrid with good speed, broad host support and superior security much less of a pleasant experience. AllDebrid is all, but reliable.

AĺlDebrid looks like a wasp. Some of the broken links sting like one, too.

Very much like it’s cousin Real-debrid, Alldebrid has both a vast user base of millions and hundreds of threads online full of complaints. Failing servers, problems with terminated accounts and links that don’t work to mention few.

Alldebrid is (not?) VPN positive

A significant portion of this criticism comes from the fact that some information is not given to you unless you go through the whole FAQs. Therefore some users are merely nescient. AllDebrid has a built-in VPN, so in default mode, it blocks VPNs unless they are already authorised.

Another layer of protection provided is HTTPS, so your downloads are encrypted, making it impossible to identify what are you downloading. Another pretty cool feature is bypassing protectors and redirections – something that good AdBlock does for you, but it is a pleasant detail included.

If you want to add your IP address, you need to: “complete the application form by following the link that appears when you are connected to Alldebrid from a premium account, via an unauthorised IP”. They promise to resolve all requests within 24 hours. A significant number of debrid forums say that they don’t always deliver. User review on Trustpilot even mentions deleting comments on the official forum. That is a shady practise we can’t support.

Free trial, free pain in the…hosts

You can try Alldebrid for seven days with a free trial license with a limit of 25 GB. The trial needs free SMS verification. You can also invite your friends and get a free premium account. Right after they purchase one of their own.

It is a question though if you are about to stay friends with those invited, as AllDebrid offers 72 hosts and 900+ streams, yet only a fraction of those work.

Alldebrid host offer
The number of hosts and streams is impressive until you find out that half of them don’t work.

It is fair to note that failed servers are not always the middleman’s fault. Especially smaller hosts and streaming services have stability issues of their own.
It is the responsibility of every debrid to choose wisely which sources to support to avoid unpleasant situations where you fail downloading file of your choice from four following sources.

Overall rating: Meh!

There is a lot of good in AllDebrid. It is a very secure debrid that is reasonably priced. Adding your own VPN could be an issue, but works for most. The offer of hosts and (especially) streaming services is impressive. The web is responsive and works well on mobile phones, too. It also offers the possibility of a direct stream.

Alldebrid premium
This is some fair pricing. But is it worth it anyway?

AllDebrid offers a trial period for seven days, and when it comes to pricing, your budget won’t suffer. 16 EUR for half a year is a terrific offer. But is it worth the money?

At some times, more than 60% of all hosts don’t work. The overall speed is good but sometimes drops considerably. Everything works flawlessly and then the whole page freezes without reason. If you count in bad customer experience when it comes down to dealing with standard issues, the number of hosts supported is not that impressive after all.


AllDebrid rating
If we had to use numbers, we would mark AllDebrid 2,4/5. is no newbie. It promises one of the best offers when it comes to the number of hosts supported, but what they deliver is way below average.

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6 responses to “AllDebrid: All but a reliable debrid”

  1. Matthew Banard says:

    Silly! Many of hosters are not working and I spend so much money for that!

  2. peter93840 says:

    have problem with my account, can’t to sign in there.. can you help me?

    • Nick M. says:

      did you just sign up? If so, try to resend your verification e-mail. In different case try another browser or then contact the support

  3. Theresa Lionas says:

    Most of the services are about people and that is horrible, because if you want to solve some problem with their support, they are so arrogant and rude!

  4. AnthonyL. says:

    know many others and so much better hosters then this one..

  5. mikey0334 says:

    I started with trial version and that was not so bad, but after then when I paid for premium plan and use them more and more often I realized and found out that many of hosters are not working and that is really bad because it is probably mostly of offer..

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