Can I download everything I need on the Internet?

Your internet life is filled with a lot of media resources and goldmines. You can watch movies, listen to good music, or even read all the books in the world. Spotify and Youtube are always ready to serve you with a lot of mashups and million covers. Every show is also available to you on the cable which is viewable from anywhere in the world. You can access with Sling app or see every media invention through Hulu and Netflix. Millions of episodes are available with one login.

Video and audio content

But the question is, “What is the download limit?”

Here is an insight into what you can download. A total of 9,999 songs can be downloaded on Spotify. Amazon grants you access to download fifteen or twenty-five things based on your location. Netflix is open with its terms, but the download is limited in number, frequency, and device. But if your connectivity is less down 4g or even expensive, or you are not online, you are probably unlucky.

How does it work?

Premium clients ought to access rich content provided by different services from around the world and when you want it, and how they want it. So why is this not happening you may ask? Product and cybersecurity challenges or copyright or legal provisions regarding what you provide and who distribute.

Someone once said the world needs an internet DVR. But will it happen any moment from now? Only time will tell, but for now, bandwidth remains the only download limit of the internet media library.


Assuming you are Warner Bros and you own a movie studio.  You have invested so much in producing a movie. Let’s say, The Dark Knight. You will have to devise strategies to recoup the capital invested and also get some big fat checks. You may decide to sell your movie to Netflix to achieve this, and then you move on to the next movie.

Instead of following this course, you decided to make as much money as you can by retaining ownership. This gives you a privilege to sell your movie in slices. HBO, for instance, can pay for one month’s exclusive right from the time the movie is out of the theatre. You may also sell cable distribution rights and theatre in every country of your choice. You opted for on-demand rights to Comcast and iTunes, and permit Hulu and Amazon to stream on-demand. Then, you allow Starz to enjoy exclusive right for a limited time, and later show it on NBS for a few months before making it available. This scenario depicts how your movie is being engaged by the distributors. As a content creator, there is no financial incentive to adjust things. If you are adding free download right, that’s your compensation you are not getting.

Download limit exists even for ‘all rights’ cases where Netflix, for instance, signs a deal for the original content. It is evident in terms of Conditions that while you have access to a stream, you may not be able to download some movies. So when you think Netflix owns the show, it is not owned by it. The Defenders was promoted as a Netflix original copy but is owned by Marvel, Disney and ABC Studios.

Contractual issues are not the only reason you cannot download as you like. Piracy is another reason. It is effortless to replicate anything on the internet. It is even easier outside the internet as each time you get a copy of the movie; you also have access to the physical case.

Nevertheless, with the proper technology, movies don’t have to be stored on servers, millions of users can see the same copy from anywhere in the world.

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