Cocoleech – Sweet coconut flavour that gets bitter fast is a debrid service offering connection to more than 35 file hosts such as Turbobit, Rapidgator, FileFactory and others. Premium starts at 4 USD per week and Cocoleech promises great speeds and no size limits per download.

Freemium that comes with a price

Cocoleech also offers freemium, yet that got old pretty fast in our opinion as many links do not work and you can not download large files. We didn’t find the exact limit on their page, but we guess it is around 500MB form what we experienced.

Not many debrids offer free version so it could a tempting feature. However, debrid is here to make your life easier. And the free version fails there most of the time. So how is premium membership standing and how does it all look and work?

I personally find the logo and colour combination to be an insult to everyone with at least somewhat artistic senses, on the other hand – the layout is simple and works. In other words – you won’t fall in love with it, but it serves its purpose.

You can insert up to 5 links to supported hosts into the downloader window and it is about to start in…well with some links even in few hours, with most in few minutes.

One of the simplest debrids around

The download speed is not bad, we got over 15 Mb/s in most instances and only one link failed to lead. There is also Jdownloader support and 24/7 support. A lot of customers online complains about their customer services, mentioning their rudeness and a snappy attitude.

They’ve put size limits on some hosters, so it is not true that it is all unlimited as advertised, which we see as a shady thing to do so. Yet it is only a case with few file hosts. The majority works just fine, even though you won’t experience a feeling like you are a part of something premium.


If we had to use numbers, we would rate Cocoleech 3,1/5

Cocoleech is super easy to use with no other features, that would make it more expensive. If the work out a few minor flaws and maybe stop the false advertisement with no limits what so ever, they will be truly worth a mediocre price tag.

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3 responses to “Cocoleech – Sweet coconut flavour that gets bitter fast”

  1. Buffco says:

    thought that for the price the number of hosters will work perfectly and without troubles, and that not like that, a lot of them is not working or load of page so crazy long! do it something with that, please..

  2. angella293 says:

    Had soooo baaad experience with support. Probably they thought that I am completely fool. They are rude and not professional! If you will have problem, don’t contact them, it is useless and wasting of your time! 🙁

  3. JanLou says:

    if i could compare that with another possibility, i don’t like number of hosters and then the pretty high price for that

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