How to use: Mediafire

What is Mediafire? It is a very prominent Cloud storage with over 50 million users being satisfied with the very easy way of storing files such as photos, videos, documents, but also audio files and many more. You can access your files from anywhere and from any type of device, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your work at home.

How to use: Mediafire

One of the other positive features is the possibility of sharing all sorts of files with other Mediafire users. That also means that you can send grand files via email without any complications. There are many possibilities for sharing the data. Through social media, messenger, your website,  through a link or an email just to name few. Plus, you can upload more files at once. 

Security-wise, Mediafire offers One-Time Links, that only the recipient can open. That means that no-one else can open them again, even if the recipient would transfer them to another person. That keeps you in control of your downloads.

Mediafire subscription plans and security

Mediafire offers three subscription plans – Basic, Pro and Business. The Basic plan is for free and offers up to 10 GB of space and is limited only to one user. Business plan costs 40 dollars per month if you pay quarterly, or you can pay monthly which is 10 dollars more expensive. This plan offers up to 100 TB of space. That all with no ads, long-term storage, good protection of uploaded files and many more features. The last but not least plan is the Pro one. That one offers 1 TB of storage for only 3.75 dollars billed annually, or 5 dollars paid month-to-month.

It offers the same conditions as the Business plan, but the Business plan is richer in three aspects; First of all, the admin can choose 100 and more additional users to his account. Secondly, it has a fully customizable branding and a very precise security log. The payment is secured and there is a possibility of cancellation of the subscription at any time without giving a specific reason. Plus, all services come with a 30-day guarantee of sending your money back from the initial purchase. All of this can be communicated with the Mediafire Support Service.

Earn money with Mediafire

The results of the reviews are around four stars in AppStore and Google Play Store with users being very satisfied with its easy way of functioning and knowing, that their most important files, but not only them, are securely stored in the cloud of Mediafire. Some customers aren’t satisfied with the fact, that after some time of using the cloud storage, they have to pay for using the application. Occasionally, the application itself stops working (on Androids mostly).

For those, who are interested in affiliate programs, Mediafire offers a Reseller program. It is simple – you can buy one of their offered Plans and resell them.

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