A cheap multi-hoster that works. Sometimes. is a French premium link generator. The company is a proud applicant for the position of a debrid with the highest number of file host and streaming services under its wings.

They aspire to be the ultimate multi-hoster for all, yet they fail on delivering a stable product.


More is not always more

While looking simply at the number of supported File Hosters & Cloud Storage Services, Mega-Debrid is definitely one of the best premium link generators around. Their support includes most of the popular file hosters like UptoBox, and many more. And there is no restriction on the limit of files you download or how much the file size is. At least that is what is promised to you.

Cheap price, cheap execution

Also, pricing seems fair compared to other premium link generators and this is where an experienced reviewer starts to be cautious. Something has to be wrong – it is too good to be true.

Well, not just something. When you look under its polished cover and start downloading, you will see that at least half of servers do not work at times and speeds are dropping to 200/kbps – what is it, 1999?

Trying to reach tech support is like trying to write a personal letter to the pope. You will have a great feeling about it for a few minutes but as the reply doesn’t arrive, you are starting to feel scammed.

Mega-debrid is a premium pain in your ass

Seriously, if you value your money, stay away from this. The final rating is average and not strictly negative only because of the fact, that we can not close our eyes from a massive host offer and a functional design. But, the guts of Mega-debrid are cancerous.

If we had to use numbers, we would mark Mega-debrid 2,7/5.

Four euro – the cost of – per month is not much. But do yourself a favour and spend them on orphans, buy expensive ice cream, spend them well. Spend them somewhere else.

Best rated alternatives


5 responses to “ A cheap multi-hoster that works. Sometimes.”

  1. chippeer says:

    nice and clear design

  2. Thom says:

    As for me, not so bad for the price..

  3. Kitcy293 says:

    unfortunately i have to agree with all of you, also had bad experiences with this, but in my case it is because of technical support, they were not able to help me, next time, i definitely choose different one

  4. Charlene L. says:

    I had problems with many of hosters, they are not working, I already paid the premium plan for 180days and it is almost useless, not satisfied at all!

  5. boaix says:

    don’t use them, it is just only wasting your money, even if the price is so low…

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