– The ultimate next-gen multi-hoster?

MyDebrid is a fairly new player among premium link generators. It comes with a clear design, simple pricing plan and unlimited, full-speed access to some of the biggest file hosts such as Streamango, Openload or Mediafire.

And it comes with a BANG!

MyDebrid best debrid review
The polished and functional layout of MyDebrid.

Simplicity rules multi-hosters

I guess the developer’s credo must have been: Make it simple and make it work. And that is exactly, what they did. The home page welcomes you with a clean layout and all the crucial information in one place. As MyDebrid doesn’t offer a freemium version of its services, all you can do is to either sign-up, log in or read their privacy policy and terms of use.

There is also a complete and transparent list of supported file hosts on the lower part of the home page. This list clearly states which cloud storage is available with unlimited access (that is the majority) and which file storage has daily limits (five have a limit of 2 GB per day). Why do we think that this is an important feature? It is very simple indeed, yet still way too much to ask from the biggest MyDebrid’s predecessors on the market such as Alldebrid or Real-Debrid.

If you want to find out details about their host offer, you have to click on each single file host to see if it offers “full speed” or also “full speed with no limits” in case of the first one and if you want to know more about Real-Debrids offer, you are out of luck. They simply promise “unlimited bandwidth except for some hosts”. It’s like buying a fruit basket knowing “yeah there are gonna be some bananas mate and probably some mango as well but don’t worry, you will see for yourself right after you enter your credit card details”.

Let’s get back to a debrid, that makes all this look like nonsense. Let’s get back to MyDebrid.

One price and no hidden limits

It took us three minutes to set up an account. After that, you’re all set up and can start downloading at premium speeds. Multiple links can be simply copy-pasted and your download is about to start.

We might let down those of you, that search for a multi-purpose tool. There are no additional features such as video streaming or cloud storage, but the purpose of this review is to find out, how good debrid it is. And it is a bloody fantastic one.

The responsive web runs fast both on mobile phones and a PC that remembers Windows Vista. We downloaded over 600GB in a day of testing from some of the biggest file hosts such as WdUpload, UptopBox, Mediafire and Turbobit. Speeds were slightly different, yet reached at least 20 Mb/s and that is sufficient.

Servers that run MyDebrid are located all around the world, so in theory, there should be no drops in download speed no matter where you are at the moment. We tested this theory using Australian and Argentinian VPN and we were able to reach decent speed and responsivity no matter the delay caused on our side.

When talking price, there are many different paths a debrid company can take. Some companies choose to offer freemium accounts with small data bandwidth and limited speed that is screaming “Upgrade me!” since the minute one. Other multi hosters give several different plans varying either in length (while longer usually equals cheaper) or in some bonus features such as cloud storage or a number of download slots. chose the simplest way possible. One plan, one month, one price. You get a superb premium downloading tool for $9 a month and it works exactly the way it appears. There are no hidden limits in data traffic and the tech support is of world-class quality.

MyDebrid – the most reliable debrid around

Stability is the most important thing when it comes down to debrids. Seven hundred hosters are worthless if they don’t work as they should.

That is not the case here. Everything wotks flawlessly and if there is a drop in speed, it is due to a daily limit on few hosters.


If we had to use numbers, we would rate MyDebrid 4,4/5.

If you don’t need a video streaming function, MyDebrid is all truly all you need for unlimited downloads. Superior speed, security and stability, responsive design and friendly tech support. All this is worth much more than 9 USD a month.


10 responses to “ – The ultimate next-gen multi-hoster?”

  1. thimotej0452 says:

    clear and nice webdesign, like it

  2. PatriciaS. says:

    first i was dissapointed because I was not able to sign in to my profile and I already paid for it. I didn’t want to solve it with customer service, because I have so many bad experiences with in different cases, but here, they were nice and helpful and I can finally download! TNKS! 🙂

  3. Jonathan Bradley says:

    I am older person, so for me it is difficult to understand all these things, but I like watching movies in great quality and I was curious how to download them. My son recommend me this and I am impressed, so quick downloading and then just enjoying movies. Thank you for your good job.

  4. Mindy P. says:

    I am using MyDebrid around three months and I am very satisfied, downloading speed is great and stable, there is not hidden limits. If someone is not true about them, go for it, I know you will like it.

  5. Daniel Petersen says:

    Only one thing which miss me is that they don’t have trial version .

    • katmo says:

      but I don’t think that you can choose badly with them, I use it more then long time and for this money is the best option, don’t know better alternative

  6. Marcus says:

    Do you know someone if there is app for mobile phone?

  7. boyhenry984 says:

    really enjoy unlimited speed, thank you! <3

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