Standart debrid with a premium price tag is a company based in Malasia, that was launched in Hong Kong, 2012. Its original focus was mainly towards file sharing, while now they try to diversify their activities.

Since they offer everything as one package, skip this one, if you search for a simple multi-hoster as you may pay for some unwanted features. debrid best review

The landing page is clear and easy to navigate unless you search for some additional information – then you have to go through many different pages.

Premiumizeme promises unlimited access to more than 30 file hosts including Rapidgator, Turbobit, Hotfile, Uploaded, Uptopbox or 4shared. If that would be the case, we could not complain less. But as soon as you start using on daily basis, you are gonna run into daily problems.

Usenet, VoIP and other features

It usually megalomania that leads promising project straight into a pit of despair. is not there (yet?), but too broad diversification of their activities naturally leads to some issues.

Usenet is a feature that is hard to say no to and works flawlessly. With that, you can grab any nzb file straight to your cloud. Plus points here.

But why is there a VoIP function that is chaotic anyway? Another feature – a built-in VPN is not of the best quality and we strongly recommend to use one of your own anyway.

Other features include support of Kodi, jDownloader and finally the reason why are you reading this – unlocking multiple file hosts. In other words – also works as a debrid. More or less.

Not so premium speed

Their servers are in the Netherlands, and that’s why your download speed is pretty great in Europe and North America but it sucks ice-cream in the southern hemisphere. Using it in Australia is therefore not recommended at all.

User reviews on the internet are positive in most cases, however, you should be aware of occasional servers that don’t work at all. That is mostly due to technical difficulties on the side of a file host. True. But who cares, when you just got home after a twelve-hour shift and wanna watch your favourite documentary with a free license!

We are not saying that everything is wrong here, yet some stability improvements are still to be made. offers a built-in VPN

Few different user reviews also mentioned an arrogant attitude when it comes to changing the way the platform operates. For example, lowering number od download slots and then just saying: “We said from the beginning, that we can change our TOS”.

It is truly their right to change is. And lowering the number of download slots is not a crime and there was most likely a good intention behind it. Still, no reason to be a dick about it.

Overall rating – an interesting platform, average debrid is a platform with a lot of potentials. However, if you search for a simple debrid that is fast and reliable, you have plenty of better options with 10 EUR a month, which is the price of the monthly subscription.

You can pay using PayPal, Visa and Master credit cards and even few cryptocurrencies. All membership plans feature a 1 TB cloud storage.

Conclusion is an interesting platform with a lot of different features. Most of them work fine, some have flaws. If we focus on the part where it works as a premium link generator, we have to say that it is merely average. A standard debrid with a premium price tag.

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3 responses to “ Standart debrid with a premium price tag”

  1. Danqui says:

    sometimes is not so fine speed but that is not so big deal.. remember worse..

  2. mandy29374 says:

    i was quite disapointed because many of hosts are not working

  3. SteveCh. says:

    I didn’t like to price, think that is expensive, but for me like premium user, I am satisfied with cloud storage. So as for me, it is not so bad.

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