Debrid with the best design is a debrid that welcomes you with animated graphics and straight forward offer. It is a premium link generator where you can download your files very easily. It comes with a free account as well as a Premium Account where you get more features which are quite useful.
ProLeech ended up 3rd, few bugs, great extensions and design

You can get 2 free file hosters from where you can generate the links for your download and as a premium user, you get about 90 file hosters which covers most of the cloud storage & file hosting services. has more than 80 hosters

Downloading from multi-Cloud Storage & File Hosting services in one place is very convenient for any Cloud Storage user out there. This is what exactly is providing its users. allows its users to download from 85+ File Hosting services for Premium Users and 2 File Hosters for free users. This Multi Hoster also makes it easier for you to download your file because of its Premium Download where you just have to paste your file link and you can download any of your files easily.

This Debrid also has a very User-Friendly Interface so that you can locate any of their services easily. In case of any problem, the technical support staff is always there to help you so that you can ask them directly via email.

proleech pricing

Downloading Speed is the main thing for any Debrid out there on the Internet. Users want the full Downloading speed so that they can download their files pretty quick. is a Premium Downloader where you can download any of your files with full speed. The server speed of this Debrid is 1 GB/s which is pretty fast. Doesn’t matter if you are a free user or Premium account holder, you’ll always get the full speed so that you don’t face any type of delay. is also a Premium Link Generator which allows you to detect any type of link from the supported Hosting services. This Debrid supports almost all of the popular File Hosters so their Premium Link Generator is always top-notch.

Beating a cheaper price you find

Proleech also promises to beat the best price you find with the competition, however, we didn’t have a chance to try out this function.

The pricing of is very good as compared to others. This Debrid is proving 30 days of its Premium Services for just $6, whereas its competitor is proving 30 Days of its Premium Services for $20. The pricing for yearly and Quarterly plans are also very good and affordable if you want their Premium Services.

Beautiful execution of Proleech

It is the best looking debrid around. Also, the layout is very user-friendly.

So what is missing?

Conclusion review
If we had to use numbers, we would mark 3,4/5.

Some of the links don’t work and the speed is not always as promised, yet Proleech remains a debrid we would recommend checking out.

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3 responses to “ Debrid with the best design”

  1. stefii says:

    I had problem with payment, they charged me twice! And tech support was not so friendly.. Dissapointing!

  2. Mark75 says:

    well, okay, maybe if they offer so many hosts, they could work for this price..

  3. john doe says:

    very good for me

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