Real Debrid Review: Real Debrid Vs. Premiumize

So You’ve utilized Kodi and are satisfied with the standard Kodi addons set up for TV watching like Neptune Rising/Incursion/Gaia/Placenta/etc. If you dug further, you most likely observed this RealDebrid and Premiumize mentioned a lot and how those debrid solutions offer better quality streams. 

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What are the functions of those services? 

Premiumize and Real Debrid are debrid solutions that enable you to utilize connections from premium data locker that are typically covered up if you don’t have them by physically search. 

They’re aggregator platforms that cause you to approach numerous data storage spaces with one account else you’d need to buy an account for each record storage. The data lockers battle against them, yet for the most recent years, those two platforms are continually winning the fights. Perhaps the best service they offer is the privilege to cached torrents via additional apps like Gaia add-on, which are quicker and superior to cyberlocker connection. 

You most likely arrived at a site like Openload, Rapigator and so on and they have files hosted on them. If you need to download that file as a rule freely need to hang tight an hour for it to download and wait after all that there is typically a point of confinement on what number of GBs you can download daily. Well, in case you paid for the premium package these restrictions are eliminated. 

Real-Debrid and Premiumize will bundle up a bunch of websites and give you premium access under one single account/installment technique. 

How they do it? 

RealDebrid and Premiumize go out and purchase a specific number of accounts to every one of those sites and afterward you have an interface that gives you a chance to share those accounts by just having one account with them. 

These two destinations fundamentally pay for passwords in mass to document sharing sites like Openload/Rapidgator, and so on to sidestep the hold-up times, data restrictions, and speed limitations. You at that point pay a monthly token to access Real Debrid or Premiumize, and they do the hard work for you regarding the bypassing. 

Download quick is significant because typically the complementary plan on file hoster website has lag than the measure of data transfer capacity required to watch an SD appear without buffering. 

It has the impact of getting you a secret key to many record sharing destinations for a small amount of the expense. 

What are their principal functions? 

  • Allow you to sidestep these limitations when you go to download any document at these sites; 
  • Allow you to glue a torrent magnet connection and convert it to a direct download; and 
  • Allow you to sidestep data sharing site limitations as referenced above, however for videos explicitly. 
  • Allows you to get max video download or streaming rate through Kodi addons without hold up time or entering a captcha. 

The addons will give you Real Debrid or Premiumize customized links (for example links at data sharing websites bolstered by those two destinations) that you wouldn’t generally have the option to get to. 

So… who is better? 


  • They offer extra solutions like Usenet downloads, VPN,  and GEO ‘unrestricted tool.’ 
  • It has better help from the Kodi Addons designers 
  • Their services are excellent on Android and iOS 


  • Their service is progressively costly 
  • Their “reserved downpours” database is littler 
  • They limit your traffic dependent on a Fair-Use approach 

Real Debrid 


  • It’s less expensive contrasted with Premiumize 
  • It has an embedded web player for casting and streaming to your Television.
  • It doesn’t confine your downloads traffic 


  • Their Customer Support is practically absent 
  • There are times when their servers are highly stacked, and this affects the download speed.
  • Does not provide Usenet downloads

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