Real-debrid: Real problem?

When you type debrid into your search bar, Real-debrid is likely to pop out first. It is like it became a synonym for the whole multi-hosting industry.

Founded in 2009, this French company is no newbie, entering their second decade around. The number of active users is impressive, but the number of complaints you can find online is also on a rise and this trend is no good for a company that once used to be a hegemon.

real-debrid review

As soon as you go over to the main page, the deal is pretty straight forward. You can pay with classic credit cards, Amazon pay and also BTC. Subscription plans spread from two weeks up to half a year.

We purchased the smallest package available for the purpose of this review and with that, we got 15 days of unlimited traffic except for some hosters, as you can read in a tiny explanatory note below.

Hidden limits and war on Reddit

Other limits mentioned in the same note is a limit of 32 simultaneous downloads from one server (which should be more than enough) and also a speed limit varying on quality of users internet connection and each hoster.

real-debrid pricing

Many complaints online are mentioning strictly limited traffic to large hosters such as Gigabyte or, to those complaints we have to say – you have been warned.

However, a simple table overview of what hosters you can access without limits and what are the limits of those partly restricted is a feature that would surely save some nerves to many.


Also, the advertised download speed of 1000Mbps is in fact merely theoretical. It is possible, that this was due to server overload that happened while testing as we found many threads on Reddit discussing sudden drop in download speed.

Because Real-debrid has a feature to stop the current download, those are well protected as the download will resume, but if you want to stream a video in at least 720p, you may have a problem, and that includes most hosters available.

Real-Debrid, real problem?  

It could seem that going with a service that millions of people use daily all around the world can never be the wrong choice. Well, in this case, we would like to disagree.

real-debrid reddit

Malfunctions are unfortunately a common thing for this French hegemon. It resembles playing old PC games filled with bugs and glitches and even thou Real-Debrid offers a vast number of hosters on paper, it is not worth the hustle.

Design and pricing

Design of Real-Debrid is slightly chaotic, but it is nothing terrible. Unlike the way how it (doesn’t) work.


Real-debrid rating
If we had to use numbers, we would mark Real-Debrid 2,3/5. is everywhere. But why did the coímmunity chose a multi hoster filled with flaws to be the flagship of the whole industry is a mystery to us. Almost no hosters work, the speed is terrible and their customer support is rude. Stay away from this one.

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5 responses to “Real-debrid: Real problem?”

  1. Cindy9822 says:

    i fell in love to mobile version, can download everywhere now! <3

  2. Forboxin says:

    download speed is crazy

  3. flashlucas says:

    many time happenned to mee that page didnt worked

  4. María S. says:

    Communication with customer service is horrible.

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