What You Need To Know About Real Debrid Kodi

Kodi is renown for churning out quality contents through various hosters in the world. What you need to do is to install it and set up some of those best addons from the stable of Kodi. The addons could be likened to aggregators that provide you access to different streaming links for needed videos. Kodi supports a lot of aggregator add-ons.

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Now, this is the issue, most of the streams available for TV series and favorite movie have low resolution. A lot of hosts offer lower quality. Finding 1080p full High Definition Streaming is always tricky. Even when you see one, they rarely work. What again, technology is advancing, and we are tending towards 4k resolution. So nobody will settle for anything less than 1080 full HD resolution. Real Debrid makes a difference in this regard.

Real Debrid is a popular multi hoster that provides users with premium access to streaming platforms which are not accessible to other internet users. The company is branded as the Unrestricted Downloader that permits the optimization of speed while downloading, at the same time providing its clients with premium hosts. New sources are always added to the list if you are using Real Debrid Kodi.

How do I install Real Debrid Kodi( for 18 and 17.6)?

It is effortless to install Real-Debrid on Kodi as long as you follow the right procedure. The essence of this guide is to provide you with the correct process.

It is essential to keep to mind that this guide only works for Kodi 17.6 on Windows 10. The interface is the same on all devices. Thus these steps work for all methods. 

Step 1

Run Kodi on the device and open ‘Settings.’ 

Step 2

Select System settings or simple settings in Kodi 18

Step 3

Next, to the cog icon on the bottom left, keep clicking till you locate ‘Advanced.’

Step 4

Then select Add-ons at the left sidebar(you can hover the mouse over it on a computer or tap if you are using a touch device)

Step 5

At the right, select ‘Manage dependencies’

Step 6

Scroll down to the bottom to select ‘URLResolver.’

Note: Some add-ons such as Exodus Redux utilize ResolveURL dependency instead of using URLResolver. You may find either or one of them.

In case you see both, use steps 6 to 17 for URLResolver, otherwise repeat them for ResolveURL.

In case you cannot find URL Resolver, you can install Covenant Kodi Addon beforehand. Exodus Redux addon can be installed for ResolveURL.

Step 7

Click on ‘Configure’ which is visible on the next screen.

Step 8

Click on ‘Universal  Resolvers” on the next screen that pops up

Step 9

Scroll down till you sight ‘Real-Debrid’ category. Then select ‘Priority.’

Step 10

Enter the value ’90’ and select done using keyboard, mouse, or touch.

Step 11

Then press ‘ok’ button at the right( this is very crucial if you don’t want the priority value to reset to 100).

Step 12

Select ‘Configure’ again ( see step 7 above)

Step 13

Click ‘Universal Resolvers’ once more and scroll down to ‘Real-Debrid’ category back. Then click “(Re)Authorize My Account.”

Step 14

A code will appear on the screen, enter this code by visiting  https://real-debrid.com/device

Things to know about the code

  • 1. The code expires after 120 seconds.
  • 2. You can’t copy and paste it. It can only be entered manually.
  • 3. You are expected to be logged in to the account you have created to Authorize real Debrid Kodi services.
  • 4. It is not case sensitive.

Step 15.

Click continue on the authorization page

Step 16.

You will then be notified if the code is appropriately entered that ‘Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized.’

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