Zevera: Never again

Zevera.com has one of the worst ratings at Trustpilot out of all cloud torrents and that it is now more than 2,5 is only due to the fact, that the company went through re-structuralization. We say – you never walk the same river twice. So long and thanks for all the bugs.

This was a harsh introduction, yet even after complete redesign – Zevera looks like it was made by two designers, each living in a different decade. But yeah, who cares for the looks – we are here to download some torrents, right?

Take a chill pill while login in Zevera

There is no information on what they actually support, it just pretends, that it does support absolutely anything. And that is the problem. With a big promise comes a huge disappointment. Sooner or later.

At Zevera, almost nothing worked (testing the free plan) and we tried links from twenty different public torrent trackers and around ten random file hosts, such as HitFile or Rapidgator. And when it did, the speed was strictly limited.

As we said in the introduction, we had our experience with the old version and dint do our jobs as testers properly this time as we passed on the premium offer of their rebuild.

Fair to note that they are using Usenet now so theoretically the speed should be great all around the world.

Sorry but not sorry

Pricing comes for 13 USD a month which is not bad not great but considering the fact we don’t actually know what the offer is, well let’s say there are a few better options…

If the field of cloud torrents needed another player, we might give Zevera second, third, fourth, heck, even fifth chance…but there is a new company offering more or less the same every few months and the tend to have a design from this era and mostly work better.

Did we do unprofessional work as reviewers this time? Most likely. Yet we are still oK to say:
Zevera – Never again.


2 responses to “Zevera: Never again”

  1. MichaelHortin says:

    The speed is so limited, nothing was good working and for this price? No, thank you.
    You have so many things to repair!

  2. nathey084 says:

    i am just glad that first i tried trial before pay the price, because that is so horrible! run away..

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